Myths Kill Innocent Animals, Education Saves Them/NJ DogTrainer/NY Dog Trainer/Pa Dog Trainer/SleepyDogTraining

myths kill innocent animals, education saves them.

Myths kill innocent animals, education saves them.

Saying Goodbye to Valentina / SleepyDogTraining

Saying goodbye to Valentina… 



Valentina. It was impossible NOT to fall in love with this feisty little bulldog.

It is never easy to say goodbye to a beloved dog, but it is especially hard when that dog is so young, cute and full of life…on the outside. Sadly, on the inside, Valentina was born with congenital issues, including a serious heart defect.

happy 1st birthday valentina

Happy 1st Birthday Valentina

She did well on heart meds for a while, but eventually Valentina’s heart began to falter…  And recently her heart became ever more fragile each day. Yesterday, June 28, 2014, there was nothing more her mom could do to save her, and beautiful Valentina left this world.

from left to right - valentina, holly, goonie

from left to right – Valentina, Holly, Goonie

Valentina was such a special girl, heart and soul, with a huge personality.  She would bring a smile to everyone who looked her way.

left to right, holly and valentina

left to right, bulldogs Holly and Valentina

She has been featured on this website, and our facebook fan page since we met her  as a pup, not so long ago.

left to right goonie, holly and valentina

left to right – Goonie, Holly and Valentina

Valentina will be forever in our hearts here at SleepyDogTraining…

cozy, sarah and valentina. just after val surprised us all and jumped into the back of the jeep.

Cozy, Sarah and Valentina. just after Val surprised us all and jumped from the street into the back of our jeep.   

and of course in the hearts of her family, especially her mom, Shannon, who rescued her, loved her and gave her the best life a little bulldog could ever have.

Val and Shannon

Valentina and Shannon

We knew this day would come. But were unprepared for a world without Valentina in it…

valentina, queen of stinkeye, pictured here on the runway during a modeling gig last year...

Valentina, queen of stinkeye, pictured here on the runway during a modeling gig last year…

We are sending a million hugs to Shannon. We are so sorry for the loss of your beloved little girl.

valentina as miss piggy

Valentina as Miss Piggy


Rest in Peace Dear Valentina. We will always love you. We only wish you didn’t have to leave so soon…




left to right - goomba, goonie, holly and valentina

Valentina’s family from left to right – Goomba, Goonie, Holly and Valentina

Backyard Bee Keeping at SleepyDogTraining/NJ Dog Trainer/NY Dog Trainer/Pa Dog Trainer

Meet our dogs… Bear, Little, MayMay, Cozy and Sampa.



Last year, I became a Certified Beginner Bee Keeper. And, this spring we welcomed our newest pets, about 16,000 gentle Italian honey bees, into our family of dogs, and birds. Here is a video welcoming our new bees…

Keeping honey bees is a very hands on  endeavor, especially during the first year. We need to make food for them and feed them, do daily checks of food levels and weekly checks and maintenance of the hives…and we love it. 

Here is what the delicious bee food that I make for my bees looks like…


It did not take long for our bees to grow out of their one box hives. So, with the help of our curious dogs, we put together and painted a second “large brood super” for each hive.

painting new hive bodies for our bees

painting new hive bodies for our bees


Here are the hives in June 2014. The bees seem to really like the extra room…



This is one of my assistants, Bear, a german shepherd helping me with feedings, inspections and general maintenance of the hives.



And here is our beautiful backyard, which would not be complete without our amazing bees.

our beautiful backyard

our beautiful backyard

NB – Bee informed – Fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides are all toxic for honey bees, hummingbirds, butterflies, ladybugs, your pets, your children, wildlife, our planet, you and everyone around you.

When you buy plants or seeds, make sure they  have not been sprayed with any of the above. And, whenever possible, buy organically grown.

myths kill innocent animals. education saves them/ SleepyDogTraining/NJ Dog Trainer/NY Dog Trainer/Pa Dog Trainer

myths kill innocent animals. education saves them…



It’s Summertime at SleepyDogTraining, Behavior, Rehab, Rescue and so much more…

Our dogs wish your dogs a safe and happy summer.

Our dogs wish your dogs a safe and happy summer.

…………………………..Contact SleepyDogTraining for everything dog……………………….

…………………………….serving the NJ,NY,Pa area… and beyond …………………………..


SleepyDogTraining Loves Presenting @ Career Day/New Jersey Dog Trainer/New York Dog Trainer/SleepyDogTraining

Cozy,  outside Park Elementary School on Career Day.

Cozy, outside Park Elementary School on Career Day.

Cozy and I had a wonderful time at Park Elementary School in Newark,NJ. We were invited to present at their Career Day this year. Cozy and I make the perfect team for these types of events… I  love the opportunity to talk about animals with kids.  And Cozy just plain loves kids. Cozy and I got to show off her awesome skills and got to answer the many great questions asked by everyone who attended. Cozy was loving every kid she met…and she met and interacted with a LOT of kids today. Yes, there were well over 200 hands on her! What a wonderful school – students, teachers, aids, and administrators. We were welcomed with open arms by all…

Want us to present at your Career Day, or other hands on Educational Events? We also offer hands on Seminars and Workshops. What are you waiting for? Contact us here at SleepyDogTraining!

Got a Puppy? Get a Puppy Basics Training Package! SleepyDog Training/ NJ Dog Trainer/NY Dog Trainer

Meet Mozzarella! A super cute english bulldog puppy. Mozz’s moms have given her (and themselves) the best gift…learning how to properly train and manage their new pup. Starting your little one off on the right foot sets her up for success in the future.

mozzarella, a sleepy(bull)dog puppy Not chewing on shoes!

mozzarella, a sleepy(bull)dog puppy NOT (!!!) chewing on shoes!

The Puppy Basics Package covers how to handle house training, puppy nipping, managing your puppy, proper puppy socialization, health and nutrition issues, and some basic commands and any unique behavioral issues you may be facing with your pup. We help you with intros to other pets, children, family members and friends.


What are you waiting for? We are just a phone call, an email or a facebook message away!

Testimonial / The McGowan Dogs / SleepyDog Training / NJ Dog Trainer/ NY Dog Trainer

Meet the McGowen pack…

harley, brandy and ziggy mcgowan

Harley, Brandy and Ziggy McGowan practicing their SleepyDog Training homework “leave it.”  

Here is what Christine McGowen wrote about her experience with SleepyDog Training -

“Can you recommend a good trainer?”  The infamous question that I was not able

to answer with 100% certainty.  Sure I had met trainers, used trainers, sat in

on training sessions just to see what was out there–however, I was looking for

someone who not only operated a thriving business but who also had a heart for

the lost and dying dogs being euthanized daily because it was a passion that I

shared as well.  I met Sarah on FB and knew this is who I felt confident

recommending.  Not only did I recommend her but used her myself when we adopted

our third dog.  She gave me great insight into what was going on in my pack and

why they were doing some of the things they were doing, i.e. leash reactivity

with other dogs, pulling on a leash, toy guarding etc.   She made the training

sessions fun, informative and by doing my “homework” and going over what we

learned,  I saw many changes take place–some were accomplished that very hour!

So if you ask me who do I recommend?  I can now say Sarah from Sleepydog

Training with total confidence.   She has helped us tremendously.

Christine McGowan

-with Brandy, Harley and Ziggy

The "leave it" training game teaches not only the command, "leave it" but also respecting the personal space of others and impulse control. These are  important skills for all good dogs to learn.

This training game teaches impulse control and respecting personal space as well as the must have command, “leave it.”

sweet dreams sleepydogs...

Sweet dreams sleepydogs…

Thank you Christine, Brandy, Harley and Ziggy!


Rescue Me! / SleepyDogTraining / NY Dog Trainer/NJ Dog Trainer/Pa Dog Trainer

A companion animal is a living being — a commitment– not a “thing” to be tossed away at your convenience…

rescue me!

rescue me!

The story of Nina (AHS Newark facility) is absolutely heartbreaking. If you’re interested in adopting her, please direct all inquiries to that facility at 973-824-7080.

This is so sad…after almost 4 years in a loving home, poor Nina was returned to the shelter. Our evaluators were there at the time and were stunned at the actual deep down cries and heartbreaking howls coming for this sweet girl when her mom left her. We need to find Nina another home quickly. Dogs like her go downhill quickly and can actually die of a broken heart. She was evaluated yesterday and we are asking that you share her story.

Nina is a lovely red pittie girl. This 5-year-old sweetheart was recently surrendered when her owner of four years moved to an apartment with a no pet policy. When Nina’s owner walked out that day, she cried and howled for her to return. Nina is a laid back loving girl. This dog was well cared for, as she has several extra pounds on her and is extremely loving and people focused. She walks nicely on leash and is great about being handled from head to toe. Nina will play with toys and shares them with ease. Nina surprisingly didn’t know what to do with the rawhide. Nina shares her food dish like a true lady and takes treats gently. If you already have a canine friend Nina would like to meet them to see if they could be a good match. Nina is such an easy pup and would make a wonderful addition to most any household. AHS-Newark File#122706

Happy New Year SleepyDogTraining Fans!/NJ Dog Trainer/Ny Dog Trainer/ SleepyDogTraining

Happy New Year SleepyDogTraining Fans! We hope that 2014 will bring you good health, prosperity, happiness and the love of a good well trained dog…or four…



NB – Did you know that most of the dogs pictured in this blog are either our dogs, our foster dogs, adoptable dogs that we are training, or our client dogs?


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