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Happy Springtime from Our Pack to Yours! /SleepyDogTraining/ NJ Dog Trainer/ NY DogTrainer/Pa. Dog Trainer

Happy Springtime to all of our wonderful clients – Past, Present, and Future!

Homeland Security

Homeland Security… sleepydog llc. style…

Happy and Safe Winter Fun with Dogs/SleepyDogTraining/NJ Dog Trainer/NY Dog Trainer/Pa Dog Trainer

Meet our snowy pack…

winter 2015 pack

winter 2015 pack

Our dogs love the snow! Watch this short video to see how much they love it…

And after playing in the snow, and having some dinner, their fav place is snuggled up nice and warm…


And then, when tomorrow comes, doing it all over again!


Livin the good life @ SleepyDogTraining!

Happy Hannahversary! SleepyDog Training/New Jersey Dog Trainer/NY Dog Trainer/Pa Dog Trainer

sleepydog llc. dba sleepydogtraining:

UPDATE – losing a beloved dog is never easy… please send love and healing light to elise and her family for the loss of their beloved dog hannah. rest in peace dear hannah. 2/11/2015 sweet beautiful hannah died peacefully in the arms of her mom, elise yesterday. hannah lived a wonderful life, once she landed in elises heart/home. rest in peace dear hannah, we miss you already. hugs and love to elise campbell and her family.

elise and hannah

elise and hannah


hannah and elise, cuddle buddies til the end.


goodbye sweet hannah, til we meet again…

“A good dog never dies, he always stays, he walks beside you on crisp autumn days when frost is on the fields and winter’s drawing near, his head within our hand in his old way. ” ~ Anonymous

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This is a beautiful tribute made by Hannah’s mom/owner Elise Campbell. In the video she chronicles the first year from Hannah in the shelter to Hannah today. Hannah had a bunch of issues like resource guarding, dog on dog aggression, barrier frustration, and redirecting on her handler, among others.

The first time I met Elise and Hannah I told her that if she did the work, in a year, Hannah would be a different dog…Elise looked at me and said, “A year?!?”

Well, it’s been a year, Elise has worked really hard with Hannah, and the result is a dog and her mom/owner who are both different now. – Each has been changed, in a beautiful way, by the other.

Check out the video here:

It’s true, we each get the dog we need.  :-)

Elise is also a wonderful photographer, check out her work at :


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Winter Bee Keeping @ sleepydog llc./ NJ Dog Trainer/NY Dog Trainer/ Pa. Dog Trainer/ SleepyDogTraining

Hang in there girls! Spring is just around the corner…kind of…

feb.2015 hives

Feb.2015 hives

Hoping my girls are warm and cozy, dreaming of springtime pollen flows… 

Snow Day! How To Make A Snow Cone / NJ Dog Trainer/ NY Dog Trainer/ SleepyDog Training

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A snow cone…

a snow cone...

How to make a snow cone…

We hope you are enjoying the snowy weather as much as we are here at SleepyDog Training!

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Happy New Year from SleepyDogTraining! /NJ Dog Trainer/NY Dog Trainer/ Tri-State Area Dog Trainer

  Client Spotlight. January 2015

Happy New Year from beautiful Angel, a pit bull! 

angel 2015

Angel 2015

Meet Angel and her sister Diva, two beautiful, sweet pit bulls who live very happy lives with their mom, Mimi and their dad, Ed.

Angel and Diva, happily relaxing inside, on this bitterly cold day in January.

Angel and Diva, happily relaxing inside on this bitterly cold day in January.

Winter Bee Keeping/My Hives/SleepyDogTraining

Winter Bee Keeping/ My Hives


For those of you who enjoy following my honey bee posts – Here’s a photo i took of my hives yesterday.

Winter is generally a slow time for beekeepers. During winter we usually repair hive parts, and prepare for springtime. On mild days my bees have been out and flying (cleansing flights.) I check on them then, and have been feeding them fondant because they went into winter light. so far, so good with my girls.

Happy Holidays SleepyDogTraining Fans! NJ Dog Trainer/NY DogTrainer/ Tri State Area Dog Trainer

Happy Holidays from one of our fav DOGS…

Meet our friend Bettis a sweet, handsome pit bull with a great sense of humor.

Meet our friend Bettis, a sweet, handsome pit bull / xmas tree mix. lol.

Myths Kill Innocent Animals, Education Saves Them/ SleepyDogTraining/NJ Dog Trainer/NY Dog Trainer/ Tri-State Area Dog Trainer

Myths kill innocent animals, education saves them…

ace, adoptable pit bull puppy


Meet adorable Ace, an adoptable pit bull puppy with a stellar temperament.  Ace was recently adopted BUT the adoption fell thru, not because of anything ace did, but because of breed specific bias. Sadly, neighbors in the complex of the family where ace was adopted, threatened to move out if a pit bull moved in. The landlord then banned Ace and all pit bulls from the complex. Ignorance on the part of a community is what caused this adoption to fall thru. His adopters were heartbroken and returned Ace to his rescue group…

Happily, Ace was welcomed back into his wonderful foster home and he is once again, an adoptable pit bull puppy. Contact PAWS Montclair to learn more about adopting Ace.


UPDATE – Ace has been adopted to a wonderful pit bull lovin family! live a long, happy, well loved life Ace!


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