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Our sleepydogs wish your sleepydogs a very Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!!!!

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May 2017 find you and everyone you love happy, healthy and prosperous!


We’ve been working with Josh, an adult pit bull since he was adopted by his wonderful forever family. Josh, like many rescued dogs had a very rough life before he was rescued. He has scars all over his face, neck and front legs from whatever happened in his life before rescue. luckily, the family who adopted josh saw through the scars and decided to foster him, and then adopted him. Like most dogs, Josh has forgiven and left behind  most of the baggage of his early life. He is a super sweet and funny boy, who is living the good life with his adoptive forever family, who love him dearly.

Recently we have begun the process of socializing Josh with other dogs. below are photos of what that looks like. we start with 2 leashed dogs in a neutral area, then go into the resident dogs yard with both dogs, then if all goes well, into the home.

The photos below are of step one, walking in a neutral area, a local park…



Josh did really well with our Cozy at the park, in Josh’s yard, and in Josh’s house.

We can’t wait to introduce Josh to another calm dog like Cozy…

Keep up the good work Josh and family!

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SleepyDogTraining LOVES working with Rescues, Shelters and Sanctuaries! Check Out Our New Rescue Rates and Services Available to 501c3 Animal Shelters, Sanctuaries and Rescue Groups!

Please check our new 2016 pricing for 501c3 Rescues, Sanctuaries, and Shelters! Just click on the  Investment and Services tab then scroll down to “New Rescue Rates and Services Available to 501c3 Animal Shelters, Rescue Groups and Sanctuaries” for details.IMG_4221

We believe strongly in supporting rescue in all of it’s forms and have been active in rescue…well, forever. We work with rescues, shelters and sanctuaries to help dogs find foster and forever homes. We work equally hard to keep dogs in those homes.

This post is dedicated to helping dogs in need of loving forever homes – no matter what issues they may have.

Here at SleepyDogTraining we work towards all dogs finding and living happily ever after with their perfect “forever families.”  That’s why we support 501c3 animal rescues, shelters and sanctuaries by offering special rates and services for them.




Please check our new 2016 pricing for 501c3 Rescues, Sanctuaries, and Shelters! Just click on the  Investment and Services tab then scroll down to “New Rescue Rates and Services Available to 501c3 Animal Shelters, Rescue Groups and Sanctuaries” for details.


It’s Almost Springtime at SleepyDogTraining! NJ Dog Training/NY DogTraining/Pa Dog Training/ SleepyDogTraining

chilly today, hot tomale! it's almost springtime!

Chilly today, hot tomale! …   It’s almost springtime!

Featuring our pack of sleepydogs,

from left to right – Sampa, Cozy, Little and Bear.

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Living With and Training a Pack of Dogs/SleepyDogTraining/NJ Dog Trainer/NY Dog Trainer/Pa Dog Trainer


At sleepydog llc. we live with our own pack of dogs. They are a well trained pack but that said, we are constantly working on their skills to keep them well trained and happy.

For example most mornings our dogs wait in the kitchen in a sit, stand or down stay, to be released one at a time into the yard…

our dogs waitig to be released from the kitchen into the backyard

Our dogs waiting to be released from the kitchen into the backyard



Once in the yard, they wait in a sit, stand or down stay to be released once again…



After these types of short sweet training sessions, our dogs enjoy playing ball, chasing squirrels, and playing dog games with each other.

We choose different types of training /behavioral mini sessions like these to reinforce the positive behaviors we want and need.

The best thing about working our dogs daily, is that they are happy, satisfied dogs who are a pleasure to live with.


want happy well balanced dogs? want dogs who “listen” to you?

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“because, at the end of the day, a sleepydog is a happy dog.”


Happy New Year to sleepydogs and their Families Everywhere!

May 2016 be a wonderful year for all sleepydogs and their families!!!


12431719_1204740826207850_1677289135_nFeaturing sleepydogs in training – bulldogs henry and holly plus german shepherd, goonie.



Happy Holidays From Our sleepydogs to Your sleepydogs!

wigglesFeaturing sleepydog in training, Wiggles, a pit bull!

Working with a Multi Dog Family/SleepyDogTraining.com/NJ Dog Trainer/NY Dog Trainer/Pa Dog Trainer



sleepydog llc. had worked with beautiful sweet pit bulls Nyla and Molly after they were adopted a year or two ago. We were called recently when a third dog , Tink, a young energetic pit bull was added to the mix.

Tink is young and very energetic and came to her new adoptive home without much or any training.

Here I am evaluating the three dogs together –


It was evident that Nyla and Molly just needed a quick refresher. Tink, on the other hand, needed to start her foundation training and behavioral work from the beginning.

image3Conditioning Tink not to obsessively jump up on humans.


image4Working on down, stay, and focus.


image5Working on “leave it,”respecting the personal space of others, and impulse control.

image6Then bringing the dogs back together and working on dog on dog issues within the pack.

image7Great focus Nyla, Molly and Tink!

image8This is a pack of 3 female pit bulls. Both owners and dogs are doing a fabulous job of reinforcing the girls skills by diligently practicing their their sleepydog homework.

*This session was photographed by the wonderful owners of these dogs- beautiful pit bulls Nyla, Molly, and Tink.

Testimonial/Albus the Bulldog Puppy/SleepyDogTraining/NJ Dog Trainer/NY Dog Trainer/Pa Dog Trainer

Check out this update from Jennifer D’Anna Salgado!
Sep 4th, 1:15pm

“Just wanted to give you a shout out. Little Albus made his first trip to the ER this week with an ear infection and hot spot. While there, the staff commented on how he was the best patient they had and certainly the best trained bulldog they’ve ever seen. He sat, stayed, and came like a pro. I told them it was due to you. Thank you again! He’s feeling better now but hates the cone. We miss you!”


Albus the bulldog puppy

From sleepydog- We hope Albus feels better and is cone free soon!

 NB- Albus recently graduated from our popular Puppy Basics Package.

Here is a video of his last Puppy Basics session, during which we practiced the recall, among other things. Our helper dog Cozy came along to make this session even more fun and informative!

Keep up the good work Albus and family!

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Albus and Cozy sitting pretty for the camera.

Albus and Cozy sitting pretty for the camera.


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