About Sleepydog Training

Dog Training. Behavior Consultation. Rehabilitation. Training dogs is a labor of love. I enjoy helping clients create healthy relationships with their dogs built on understanding, trust and respect. I offer private sessions which consist of basic obedience combined with behavioral protocol and rehabilitation (if needed). Each dog is an individual and each owner is as well, so I tailor your dog training sessions to meet the needs of you and your dog. My clients love the results they see after only one session. Although I may be called in to work with one dog, I may also work with all of the dogs/pets in the family, if needed, at no additional cost. I have a masters degree in education and many years of experience working with canine and human students (among others!).
I enjoy working on issues that surface in a family with children, or in a family that has multiple dogs/pets, introducing new dogs into the family, any dog on dog issues, any issues that may cause you to consider your dog a “difficult dog”.

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