BabyProofing Your Dog – Preparing Daisy for a Newborn – SleepyDog Training/NJ Dog Trainer/NY Dog Trainer

Meet Daisy.  Daisy was rescued from a shelter several months ago.

She is sweet as can be, but has some pushy behaviors that need to be corrected because her family is getting a new pack member – a baby!

Daisy’s family scheduled a Sleepy Dog Training Session with dog trainer  and behavioral consultant, Sarah Keyishian!

Daisy eagerly awaits her training session.

As Sarah enters, she tells the family not to correct Daisy’s behavior. She makes her own assessment.

Daisy and Sarah establish trust.

Sarah the trainer uses body language to establish leadership.

Sarah asks questions and customizes a training plan just for Daisy and her family.

Sarah talks to the whole family about how to work with Daisy. Everyone is mesmerized.

Sarah explains the “Personal Space” game to the family.

Sarah teaches Daisy the “Look” command.

Daisy knows better than to take a treat without permission now!

Temptation! Good girl, Daisy!

Daisy is having so much fun. She needs a water break.

Dad and Mom watch so they can practice before the next training.

An occasional treat motivates Daisy.

Even Sarah’s love is a resource that Daisy has earned.

Daisy makes Sarah smile! 🙂

Daisy no longer jumps on people when they sit.

Sarah and Daisy’s family discuss how to help Daisy.

Sarah uses a lifelike baby doll, in scented baby clothes, to prepare with Daisy.

Calm, appropriate behavior is rewarded.

Daisy is sad to see Sarah leave. 😦

“Sarah, come back!”

A Sleepy Dog is a happy dog…

…and happy dog = a happy family! Thank you, Sleepy Dog Training!

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  1. Stephanie

    Love Everything about this blog

  2. Laura McAndrews Lepore

    This is great! Can’t wait for more posts.

  3. Dawn Switlyk

    Feeling like I was a part of the action. Magic happening! I heart Daisy!

  4. What an amazing and beautiful photo essay!

  5. Don’t know whether I want a new baby or a new dog now…Love this piece!

    • Laura McAndrews Lepore

      a new baby AND a new dog!

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