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Sometimes, dog trainers don’t work alone.  Sometimes, they bring in reinforcements.  Sometimes, reinforcements are also best friends.  Meet Cozy.  When Sarah pulled up for a dog training, and Cozy jumped out of the “SleepyDog Mobile,” the family was fascinated by her large stature, beauty, and grace.  Well-trained Cozy is one of Sleepy Dog Training’s pack members who sometimes assists on trainings.  Whether she’s setting an example for another dog, or helping a fearful dog to trust other animals, Cozy is happy to help.

Sleepy Dog Training’s pack member, Cozy, joined Sarah for a training. Cozy was there to teach a dog who demonstrated dog-to-dog aggression that not everyone wants to fight!

Thank you, Cozy, for being there to help!

NJ Dog Trainer Aggresive Dog Training Puppy Obedience River Vale New Jersey Behavioral Consultant Sarah Keyishian

Cozy settles in after assisting with a dog training session in River Vale, NJ.

Cozy will work for treats, but she definitely prefers to be rewarded with attention.  🙂

Cozy is one of the gentlest giants this dog training family had ever met.

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