New Jersey Dog Trainer – Puppy Training – River Vale, NJ

Cocoa looks on at his family as they talk to Sarah and each other about puppy training. The family needs to work on stopping Cocoa from jumping over his gate and from stealing shoes.  Silly puppy!

Sarah uses body language to establish herself as a leader. Even sweet, little puppy needs to know where he stands in the “pack.” Understanding his boundaries will give Cocoa a better sense of security.

Using only facial expression and body language, Sarah shows Cocoa that he may not jump over the gate.

Cocoa defers to Sarah, and Sarah rewards him with a smile.

Cocoa is also rewarded with a treat by his puppy trainer.

Cocoa sings to his puppy trainer to thank her for the treat.

Cocoa’s dad practices puppy trainer Sarah’s techniques.All of this training makes Cocoa tired!

Cocoa is learning not to chew!  He steals the photographer's boot, Sarah knows what to work on next!  :)

Cocoa is learning not to chew! He steals the photographer’s boot, Sarah knows what to work on next! 🙂

Although he wants to chew the boot, sweet puppy Cocoa defers to Sarah the trainer.

Cocoa is rewarded for leaving the boot alone. He is tempted, but he obeys his dog trainer.

Dog trainer Sarah invites Cocoa closer because he has earned her affection. (She has earned his, too.)

Sarah and Cocoa’s dad discuss Cocoa’s progress. Cocoa’s is proud of his work with his dog trainer…but he is becoming a Sleepy Dog!

Cocoa is tired and happy after dog training, and he relaxes on his big sister’s lap.

Cocoa rests in his mommy’s lap as dog trainer Sarah goes over a few more details.

Sleepy Dog Training has done it again. Cocoa settles in because he’s a Sleepy Dog. A Sleepy Dog is a Happy Dog…

…and a happy dog, makes a happy family! Thank you, dog trainer Sarah. We love our Sleepy Dog!

Good bye Sarah! We’re so relieved and hopeful and excited. You are a wonderful dog trainer.

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