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Corrina’s family is going away, so Corrina will be boarding with trainer Sarah and her pack at Sleepydog Training.

Corrina is introduced gradually to dog trainer Sarah’s pack.

Before she knows it, Corrina has many new friends.

Dog trainer Sarah works with Corrina.

Despite distractions from the pack, Corrina gives Sarah her undivided attention.

Despite her size, Corrina is just a puppy and gets lots of puppy love from her dog trainer.

Dog trainer Sarah works on “Stay” with Corrina.

Corrina gets to run and play with the other dogs.

Corrina has fun with Sarah’s pack!

Corrina comes inside for some feeding and training with dog trainer Sarah and her pack.

Anatolian Shepherds, like Corrina, are thinking dogs. ¬†They are bred to be strong, independent guardians.¬†Sarah recognizes and respects Corrina’s independent spirit while still establishing herself as Corrina’s leader.

Corrina is getting sleepy…and a Sleepy Dog is a happy dog…and a happy dog makes a happy family. Good night Corrina!

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  1. Daria & Fred Naturale

    Hi Sarah!
    Thank you for featuring our Corrina on your Website! We are so very lucky to have found you for your expert training and boarding! Daria & Fred

  2. What a lovely dog and of course a great trainer – Sarah!


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