Healing Tess | NJ Dog Trainer Does it Again | Dumont, NJ Training

Tess is limping on her back legs. Dog trainer Sarah helps to heal Tess.

Today was not an ordinary day for Sleepy Dog Training.  A 13 and a half year old Cairn Terrier, Tess, started limping, and was very unhappy and uncomfortable.  Not sure what to expect, but having faith in Sarah’s expertise, Tess’s owner reached out to Sarah.  Not only is Sarah a skilled dog trainer, but her experience with rescuing and rehabilitating dogs has given her great insight into how to care for dogs at all stages of their lives.  Sarah came over, earned Tess’s trust, and asked the owner lots of questions about Tess’s vet care, nutrition, exercise, and routines.  As a trained Reiki Practitioner, Sarah also placed her healing hands on Tess to work through some of her pain.  Sarah addressed Tess’s nutritional needs, her pain, and her routines, and worked out a plan that gave Tess’s owner more direction with how to feed and care for Tess at this stage in her life, including very specific questions to ask the veterinarian.  Most importantly, Sarah brought comfort and relief to Tess.

*This type of session is not intended to replace veterinary care. It is intended to compliment it.

*Tess was seen by her veterinarian six days before this session.

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