Rescue me!

This is Rita, a sweet, beautiful girl who gets along really well with other dogs and adores people of all ages. If you are interested in adopting Rita, or would like more information about her,  please contact  PAWS Montclair. PAWS rescues as many pit bulls from high kill shelters as they have room for. Adopting a pit bull from PAWS opens a spot in a foster home or the PAWS shelter which allows them to rescue another pit in need. There are so many sweet beautiful pit bulls in need.

email paws about Rita at

UPDATE: Rita has been adopted! Live a well loved, long and happy life dear Rita.


Update- Breck has been rescued. She is safe!

Yes, this dog is in a high kill shelter in NYC. Yes, she is in danger. And yes, you can save her.

If someone will step up to foster her, a rescue will pull her. Or if someone will sponsor her boarding fees until a foster or forever home is found, a rescue will pull her. She got a good eval, is good with other dogs, is a sweet, kind little dog who just needs a chance. Can anyone step up to help this girl before it’s too late?


Intake Date 03/15/2012, From NY 10001, DueOut Date 03/22/2012, I came in with Group/Litter #K12-093965. Medical Behavior Evaluation YELLOW Medical Summary SCAN NEGATIVE BRIGHT, ALERT, RESPONSIVE, HYDRATED PHYSICAL EXAM Too nervous Mild tartar lactating mother Nosf Weight 47.0

A volunteer writes: Breck shines like a bright orange flame in her dark blue kennel. She moves a lot like a sparkle. She is so pretty, a mix of a Pitie and a Boxer. A mother she was, recently separated from her puppies. One wonders where those are as Breck and Buddy, her housemate were the only two dogs brought to our Care Center. Breck is on the thin side but her coat is beautiful. She is very hungry and searches my bag for food. She is the typical mom who has lost her babies,her purpose in life. After a while, beautiful Breck comes to sit next to me., then poses her front legs on my lap and showers me with kisses. It is a matter of time for her to regain her figure and her balance. Breck is a lovely girl. She and her housemate Buddy are at the Manhattan Care Center, waiting to be beloved pets again.

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