Testimonial, Boarding Corrina, NJ Dog Trainer

This is Corrina, a regular boarding client at SleepyDog Training.

And this is what her caring owners had to say when Corrina returned home after a week of boarding  at SleepyDog Training…

Hi Sarah!
Just have to tell you that this last ‘dose’ of Corrina boarding with you and your Pack has matured her immensely!! Unbelieveable. She’s crossed over into the next dimension hahaha. We are so happy that she is sooooo much more of an awesome dog than ever in every aspect, thanks to you!
She understands commands and words so much better, barely nips us anymore, has even more love to give, and seems to have crossed over into being fully POTTY TRAINED! Never thought we’d see that day. Oh, and we finally had her weighed at the vet and she is in the 120 Club 
We recommend you whenever anyone asks us about dog training! Thank you again, Sarah!
                                                                                    Take Care,
                                                                                        Daria & Fred N.

Thanks Daria and Fred!

Here at SleepyDogTraining a boarding client receives training, behavioral work, as well as socialization and lots of exercise.

Corrina enjoys healthy food and plenty of water in a peaceful environment.

See you soon Corrina!

To see photos of Corrina’s previous boarding, click here.  To read more about boarding and other services, please click here.

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