Testimonial, London and Ellie, an Adoption Gone Sweet, NJ Dog Trainer

These two cutie pies are Ellie, an American Bulldog and London, a Pitbull. You’d never guess that sleepydog training was called about these two because they were not getting along and had had a couple of fights. Proper integration and management of households with multiple dogs is one of sleepydog training‘s specialties.

You’ve heard of adoptions going sour, of adopters realizing they are in over their heads and returning their newly adopted dog. Sadly this happens much to often.

Sometimes it takes a village to save a dog. This is often how rescue works. We are the village. It took a rescue organization that cared deeply about the dogs in their rescue, adopters who worked hard on behavioral issues and training and the support of  a compassionate and experienced dog trainer to change the world for London. All homeless dogs deserve us coming together in this way to save them. All homeless dogs are worth saving.
The good news was that London’s adopters, Suzanne and Ken and his rescue organization, Posh Pets Rescue of NYC, weren’t giving up that easily. Linda of Posh Pets Rescue contacted sleepydog training, we contacted Suzanne, and the rest is, well…an adoption gone sweet.

Here’s a letter sent to sleepydog training from Linda of Posh Pets Rescue, in it she shares an email from Suzanne and Ken, London’s  adopters –

From:  Linda of Posh Pets Rescue
“Yay!! to our wonderful Sarah for saving this adoption and the many others!”
From: Suzanne S.
“Hi Linda!
I hope all is well with you.  Just wanted to give you an update on the pups.
Well Sarah has been extremely helpful.  We only had one session with her so far, but she has really helped us to identify certain behavior that might have lead to the problems between Ellie and London.
And so far, we have had amazing success!  I have attached a few pictures so you can see how things are going.
Take a look..  lol!  How cute are these two??  It is so sweet because London is really attached to Ellie now.
If she is in the backyard without him, he gets very restless, like he is looking for her.
One major thing that Sarah pointed out is that some of the aggressive behavior from London was being provoked by Ellie.  She was playing but at the same time bullying him to the point that he would snap.  But we are conscious of it now and we do not allow her to do that.  And the two of them are getting along so well.  They snuggle up together all the time for no reason at all.  Just because they want to.  They can be very affectionate with each other also.  It is very sweet.
Anyway, we are meeting with her next Thursday after work.  We have been in constant contact with her to let her know about any issues or about positive progress.  And you are definitely right about her, she is fantastic!
Anyway, I will keep you in the loop to let you know what is going on with them  Hope you enjoy the pictures!”
In a more recent email to sleepydog training from Suzanne S. she writes –
“And just an update to you, the pups are still the same way.   They just love each other.
We notice Ellie kind of mothers London sometimes.   She will just start licking him on the head and he closes his eyes and has such a happy look on his face. So cute!”
 Sweet dreams and a happy life, Ellie and London. I predict many cuddles and much love in your future.
Yep…sleepydogs are happy dogs.
* Want to know more about Posh Pets Rescue
and the great adoptable dogs and cats there?  
Check out their website here –     http://poshpetsrescue.org/

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    I just love a happy ending. This is awesome.

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