Happy Hannahversary! SleepyDog Training/New Jersey Dog Trainer

This is a beautiful tribute made by Hannah’s mom/owner Elise Campbell. In the video she chronicles the first year from Hannah in the shelter to Hannah today. Hannah had a bunch of issues like resource guarding, dog on dog aggression, barrier frustration, and redirecting on her handler, among others.

The first time I met Elise and Hannah I told her that if she did the work, in a year, Hannah would be a different dog…Elise looked at me and said, “A year?!?”

Well, it’s been a year, Elise has worked really hard with Hannah, and the result is a dog and her mom/owner who are both different now. – Each has been changed, in a beautiful way, by the other.

Check out the video here:

It’s true, we each get the dog we need.  🙂

Elise is also a wonderful photographer, check out her work at :



  1. :)

    I just love the work that you, Hannah & I have done together. 🙂 I wonder how much more amazing she’ll be at the end of Year 2!

    • thanks, elise! i love our work, too. it is amazing how a loving and dedicated owner can transform a dog like hannah. keep up the good work!

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