Boot Camp For Bulldogs/NJ Dog Trainer/NY Dog Trainer/Sleepydog Training

                    A lot has happened in Valentina’s world this summer…
happy birthday valentina
         She celebrated a birthday…       Happy first birthday, Valentina!
val and hollyThe health conscious owner of these bulldogs knew better than to over exert them in hot weather, which is dangerous for bulldogs (and other dog breeds with short muzzles.) If it was not too hot, Valentina and her “big sister” Holly relaxed on park benches and played early morning games in the backyard with “elder sister” Goonie, instead. (Hot weather is also dangerous for senior dogs like Goonie.)

                           Sadly, summertime was also too hot for bulldog training…
319627_313308198774744_1449209515_n-1But don’t worry, girls.  The cooler weather means boot camp for this pack! LOL!

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