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Meet the McGowen pack…

harley, brandy and ziggy mcgowan

Harley, Brandy and Ziggy McGowan practicing their SleepyDog Training homework “leave it.”  

Here is what Christine McGowen wrote about her experience with SleepyDog Training –

“Can you recommend a good trainer?”  The infamous question that I was not able

to answer with 100% certainty.  Sure I had met trainers, used trainers, sat in

on training sessions just to see what was out there–however, I was looking for

someone who not only operated a thriving business but who also had a heart for

the lost and dying dogs being euthanized daily because it was a passion that I

shared as well.  I met Sarah on FB and knew this is who I felt confident

recommending.  Not only did I recommend her but used her myself when we adopted

our third dog.  She gave me great insight into what was going on in my pack and

why they were doing some of the things they were doing, i.e. leash reactivity

with other dogs, pulling on a leash, toy guarding etc.   She made the training

sessions fun, informative and by doing my “homework” and going over what we

learned,  I saw many changes take place–some were accomplished that very hour!

So if you ask me who do I recommend?  I can now say Sarah from Sleepydog

Training with total confidence.   She has helped us tremendously.

Christine McGowan

-with Brandy, Harley and Ziggy

The "leave it" training game teaches not only the command, "leave it" but also respecting the personal space of others and impulse control. These are  important skills for all good dogs to learn.

This training game teaches impulse control and respecting personal space as well as the must have command, “leave it.”

sweet dreams sleepydogs...

Sweet dreams sleepydogs…

Thank you Christine, Brandy, Harley and Ziggy!


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