Got a Puppy? Get a Puppy Basics Training Package! SleepyDog Training/ NJ Dog Trainer/NY Dog Trainer

Meet Mozzarella! A super cute english bulldog puppy. Mozz’s moms have given her (and themselves) the best gift…learning how to properly train and manage their new pup. Starting your little one off on the right foot sets her up for success in the future.

mozzarella, a sleepy(bull)dog puppy Not chewing on shoes!

mozzarella, a sleepy(bull)dog puppy NOT (!!!) chewing on shoes!

The Puppy Basics Package covers how to handle house training, puppy nipping, managing your puppy, proper puppy socialization, health and nutrition issues, and some basic commands and any unique behavioral issues you may be facing with your pup. We help you with intros to other pets, children, family members and friends.


What are you waiting for? We are just a phone call, an email or a facebook message away!

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