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Cozy,  outside Park Elementary School on Career Day.

Cozy, outside Park Elementary School on Career Day.

Cozy and I had a wonderful time at Park Elementary School in Newark,NJ. We were invited to present at their Career Day this year. Cozy and I make the perfect team for these types of events… I  love the opportunity to talk about animals with kids.  And Cozy just plain loves kids. Cozy and I got to show off her awesome skills and got to answer the many great questions asked by everyone who attended. Cozy was loving every kid she met…and she met and interacted with a LOT of kids today. At a few points throughout the day, there were well over 200 hands on her! What a wonderful school – students, teachers, aids, and administrators. We were welcomed with open arms by all…

Want us to present at your Career Day, or other hands on Educational Events? We also offer hands on Seminars and Workshops. What are you waiting for? Contact us here at SleepyDogTraining!

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