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Myths kill innocent animals, education saves them…

ace, adoptable pit bull puppy


Meet adorable Ace, an adoptable pit bull puppy with a stellar temperament.  Ace was recently adopted BUT the adoption fell thru, not because of anything ace did, but because of breed specific bias. Sadly, neighbors in the complex of the family where ace was adopted, threatened to move out if a pit bull moved in. The landlord then banned Ace and all pit bulls from the complex. Ignorance on the part of a community is what caused this adoption to fall thru. His adopters were heartbroken and returned Ace to his rescue group…

Happily, Ace was welcomed back into his wonderful foster home and he is once again, an adoptable pit bull puppy. Contact PAWS Montclair to learn more about adopting Ace.

UPDATE – Ace has been adopted to a wonderful pit bull lovin family! live a long, happy, well loved life Ace!

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