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Check out this update from Jennifer D’Anna Salgado!
Sep 4th, 1:15pm

“Just wanted to give you a shout out. Little Albus made his first trip to the ER this week with an ear infection and hot spot. While there, the staff commented on how he was the best patient they had and certainly the best trained bulldog they’ve ever seen. He sat, stayed, and came like a pro. I told them it was due to you. Thank you again! He’s feeling better now but hates the cone. We miss you!”


Albus the bulldog puppy

From sleepydog- We hope Albus feels better and is cone free soon!

 NB- Albus recently graduated from our popular Puppy Basics Package.

Here is a video of his last Puppy Basics session, during which we practiced the recall, among other things. Our helper dog Cozy came along to make this session even more fun and informative!

Keep up the good work Albus and family!

Want the best behaved puppy on the block?

Contact us!

Albus and Cozy sitting pretty for the camera.

Albus and Cozy sitting pretty for the camera.


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