Working with a Multi Dog Family/ Dog Trainer/NY Dog Trainer/Pa Dog Trainer



sleepydog llc. had worked with beautiful sweet pit bulls Nyla and Molly after they were adopted a year or two ago. We were called recently when a third dog , Tink, a young energetic pit bull was added to the mix.

Tink is young and very energetic and came to her new adoptive home without much or any training.

Here I am evaluating the three dogs together –


It was evident that Nyla and Molly just needed a quick refresher. Tink, on the other hand, needed to start her foundation training and behavioral work from the beginning.

image3Conditioning Tink not to obsessively jump up on humans.


image4Working on down, stay, and focus.


image5Working on “leave it,”respecting the personal space of others, and impulse control.

image6Then bringing the dogs back together and working on dog on dog issues within the pack.

image7Great focus Nyla, Molly and Tink!

image8This is a pack of 3 female pit bulls. Both owners and dogs are doing a fabulous job of reinforcing the girls skills by diligently practicing their their sleepydog homework.

*This session was photographed by the wonderful owners of these dogs- beautiful pit bulls Nyla, Molly, and Tink.

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