Living With and Training a Pack of Dogs/SleepyDogTraining/NJ Dog Trainer/NY Dog Trainer/Pa Dog Trainer


At sleepydog llc. we live with our own pack of dogs. They are a well trained pack but that said, we are constantly working on their skills to keep them well trained and happy.

For example most mornings our dogs wait in the kitchen in a sit, stand or down stay, to be released one at a time into the yard…

our dogs waitig to be released from the kitchen into the backyard

Our dogs waiting to be released from the kitchen into the backyard



Once in the yard, they wait in a sit, stand or down stay to be released once again…



After these types of short sweet training sessions, our dogs enjoy playing ball, chasing squirrels, and playing dog games with each other.

We choose different types of training /behavioral mini sessions like these to reinforce the positive behaviors we want and need.

The best thing about working our dogs daily, is that they are happy, satisfied dogs who are a pleasure to live with.


want happy well balanced dogs? want dogs who “listen” to you?

contact us!

“because, at the end of the day, a sleepydog is a happy dog.”


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