We’ve been working with Josh, an adult pit bull since he was adopted by his wonderful forever family. Josh, like many rescued dogs had a very rough life before he was rescued. He has scars all over his face, neck and front legs from whatever happened in his life before rescue. luckily, the family who adopted josh saw through the scars and decided to foster him, and then adopted him. Like most dogs, Josh has forgiven and left behind  most of the baggage of his early life. He is a super sweet and funny boy, who is living the good life with his adoptive forever family, who love him dearly.

Recently we have begun the process of socializing Josh with other dogs. below are photos of what that looks like. we start with 2 leashed dogs in a neutral area, then go into the resident dogs yard with both dogs, then if all goes well, into the home.

The photos below are of step one, walking in a neutral area, a local park…



Josh did really well with our Cozy at the park, in Josh’s yard, and in Josh’s house.

We can’t wait to introduce Josh to another calm dog like Cozy…

Keep up the good work Josh and family!

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