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Our dogs wish your dogs a safe and happy summer.

Our dogs.

We are sleepydog llc. dba SleepyDogTraining. We offer Dog Training, Behavior Consultation, Rehabilitation and so much more. Please check out the investment and services tab for details!

Training dogs is a labor of love. I enjoy helping clients create healthy relationships with their dogs built on mutual understanding, trust and respect. I offer private sessions which consist of basic obedience combined with behavioral protocol and rehabilitation (if needed). SleepyDogTraining is a holistic dog training/behavior consultation/rehabilitation business. Each dog is an individual and each owner is as well, so I tailor your dog training sessions to meet the needs of you and your dog  primarily using marker training. My clients love the results they see after only one session. Although I may be called in to work with one dog, I may also work with all of the dogs/pets in the family, if needed, at no additional cost. I have a Masters Degree in Education, am a Reiki Master and a RYT.  I have many years of experience working with canine and human students (among others!).

I enjoy working on issues that surface in a family with children, or in a family that has multiple dogs/pets, introducing new dogs into the family, any dog on dog issues, special needs dogs, deaf dogs, blind dogs, fearful dogs, aggressive dogs – from puppy training,  to elder dog behavioral issues and everything in between, I will help you with any issues that may cause you to consider your dog a “difficult dog.”

My dog training education-

I am a professional dog trainer/behavioral consultant and I specialize in obedience training and pretty much any and all behavioral issues. I have been training professionally since the early 1990s. I went the route of apprenticing with a trainer and working for him, in his business. When he passed away, I started my own business. I am recommended by veterinarians, groomers, pet sitters, other dog trainers, boarding kennels, many rescues and clients. I love learning everything about what I love… and will never stop learning new skills and sharing knowledge. I am a full Professional Member of IACP. I am also in the process of becoming certified as a CGC trainer/assessor. I have a Masters Degree in Education which helps with both my human and animal clients! I am a Registered Yoga/Meditation Teacher, a Reiki Master, a Young Living Oil Distributer (these essential oils are  wonderful tools  when working with animals.)   
Some of my greatest teachers have been dogs…
I welcome any questions you have about my training/behavioral skills, style,etc.


We serve the NJ,NY,Pa area and beyond.

IACP logos

                 sleepydog llc. is a proud professional member of IACP

                                  sleepydog llc. is bonded and insured.

We are recommended by vets, groomers, pet sitters, dog walkers, fellow dog trainers and behaviorists, animal rescue groups, animal shelters, pet supply shops, vet techs, and especially, all of our clients = the many happy dogs and their families. We are very grateful for all of you!





  1. Nicole lobascio

    Hi Sarah, I was recommended to you from Pat Gilleran..I’m having a little crisis. Our 17 year old cocker spaniel passed away on 6/14..even though he was old and we expected it, we were devastated and still cry a lot for him anyway my ex surprised myself and our kids with a French bulldog puppy. 11 weeks old, he really did not think it through at all. We said he would take her and we would share custody, in our break up he had to move in with his mom and she may not let him keep her. I said I will be more then happy to take her but she has to be trained and I’m more then willing to work with her. Problem is this, I work from 830-430, is it even possible for me to train this dog when I’m not around a lot? After 5 I’m home with my children, it’s during the day that is a problem..
    Please let me know what you think or maybe how you can help? Once she’s house broken then I also want her to have obedience training, I want to do it right this time, I made a lot of mistakes with my last dog and I paid for it dearly..we will both have better lives if I train this one properly..please let me know what you think…thank you, Nicole

  2. yes, i can help you! please call me (973-743-7522, message me on my SleepyDogTraining fb fan page, or email me at sleepydogy@aol.com

  3. Betsy Rosini

    Sarah, Betsy Rosini here . I have a co-worker who may need your help. Are you available for consulting with a family in Livingston?
    PS hope you are well!!

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