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What type of training are you looking for for your dog? sleepydog llc. DBA SleepyDogTraining is a holistic dog training/behavior consultation business, We specialize in private sessions which consist of basic obedience combined with behavioral protocol and rehabilitation (if needed). Each dog is an individual and each owner is as well, so I tailor your dog training sessions to meet the needs of you and your dog. My clients love the results they see after only one session. Although I may be called in to work with one dog, We may also work with all of the dogs/pets in the family, if needed, at no additional cost. Sarah, the Owner and Trainer has a Masters Degree in Education and many years of experience working with canine and human students (among others!).

We serve the NJ,NY,Pa area and beyond.

There are many ways to contact us! BUT… the best, quickest way for us to access and respond to your message  is via text message at 973 743-7522… or if you prefer, call us at  973-704-1722 you can speak with us or leave voice and text messages on this line.


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  1. Melissa brown

    Hello, my name is melissa and I have three dogs. Two are pit bulls and one of those pit bulls jumps our 6foot privacy fence. She chews our shoes. She is just bad. Her sister. The other pit bull digs and digs and won’t stop. I live in goose creek South Carolina. If we can’t get them to behaive then we will have to get rid of them. And pit bulls don’t get adopted. We love them but they’re troublesome.

    • hi melissa, i’m happy to help you. have you done any training with your pitty girls? how many walks do you take them on per day and how long is each walk? you definitely need to work on boundary control, and management, which could include making a boxed in area in your yard full of sand that the dogs could get their digging yaya’s out in. you’d also need to work on a solid foundation of basic obedience skills inside and outside. don’t forget about the behavioral work necessary for good dog behavior, as well. i need to see that to tell you more. you can resolve the behaviors you are having trouble with. maybe you can send me a video of your dogs or we can skype on facebook? i’d really like to help you. please don’t surrender your dogs to a shelter. they will be killed there.

    • Teresa M Palisi

      I’m sure your dogs are trained by now, but you can always get coyote rollers for your fence

      • Teresa M Palisi

        Of course not intended without training as well.

  2. Dawn Zic

    Hello, I have a pit/boxer mix, Zeus, is a male 2 1/2 yrs. old hes very attached to me and when we (my husband and I) leave for a weekend away he goes into depression mode (wont eat drink or even poop) trying to get out more during the week w/him left at home for 1/2 hour at a time, he sits on the chair facing the window and doesn’t move until I’ve arrived home. hes very playful lovable and gets plenty of attention from all four of us, mom dad and two boys, I hate to even go out knowing hes so sad and cannot come with. We have had two sessions on behavior training, hes done great (except for a little jumping w/ new arrivals at the door and very excited when babies are here to a point of we have to put him in his crate.) Thank you, Dawn Zic

    • hi dawn, where are you located?

  3. Kristin O'Connor

    My pitbull of 5 + years has recently become territorial and aggressive towards my mostly blind, senior Boston Terrier. Please help! I’m heart broken.

    • lets set up a session kristin. call me when you can.

  4. Pete

    Blue xtra needs air in the back left tire

    • thx pete!

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