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I’m worth it! 


Investing in SleepyDogTraining is a wise investment, and the benefits are long-lasting. What is it worth to you, to have a relationship based on trust and respect with a stable, trustworthy, well-behaved dog?

SleepyDogTraining’s most popular session is the 2+ hour intensive training session*.  I dig deep to understand your dog, and then work with you and your dog to directly address your individual needs.  To learn more about what to expect your training to be like, call me!

*These training sessions typically last for approximately two hours.  Depending on your pet’s needs and energy level, I will stay a little longer if necessary.  (Dog training is an art AND a science, so a little bit of flexibility after that two-hour mark is helpful.)
Keep in mind that if you have an issue with your dog, and you do not see a training session that matches what you need, call or email! Help is just a phone call, a voice message, a text message,or an email away.
SleepydogTraining also offers the following services-
  • A 2+hour Intensive training/behavioral session at $300. Intensive sessions are the best training experience at the best price per hour, in these sessions we can cover complex issues including but not limited to, behavioral issues, welcoming new baby trainings, (“Baby Proofing Your Dog”), behavioral issues that surface in multiple dog households,  introduction of new pack members, dog on cat behaviors, and any other intense behaviors your dog may have like but not limited to severe anxiety, destructive behaviors, separation  anxiety,  or aggression issues towards humans, dogs or other animals, etc. – and sometimes, depending on your dogs issues, all you need is one session.
  • Our hourly rate is $150. per hour at your house, or $100 per hour if you come to our farm.
  • types of sessions like but not limited to= training/behavioral session, Refresher session, training/behavioral session for puppies (8 weeks – 1 year) Behavioral Evaluation of your dog, etc.
  • 1 hour Puppy Basics Package (for puppies 8 weeks – 6 months old) and we address all of your puppy’s training and behavioral needs) at $150  for individual sessions or if you want to save some money we offer a 5 week package (= a 1 hour training session each week for 5 weeks)  is available for your puppy at $675.00 -plus tax  * must be paid in full on or before the first session.)
  • 1 hour Basic Obedience Package –  a 5 week long individualized program in which we come to your home once a week for  a 1 hour training session. During each session we teach you and your dog one – or more – of 8 basic obedience commands (attention command, sit, stay, down, come, heel and loose leash walking) and address certain behavioral issues – please call for details. – package price is $725.00 -plus tax * * must be paid in full on or before the first session.
  • 1 hour Advanced Obedience Package- a 5 week long individualized program in which we come to your home and work on off leash obedience skills including the place command. Your dog must have taken our Basic obedience package, and/or have solid, reliable basic obedience skills to take this program. – package price is $825.00 -plus tax * must be paid in full on or before the first session.
  • 1 hour Behavioral Package – a 7 week long individualized program that combines basic obedience skills and addresses your dog’s behavioral issues as well. We come to your home, and spend 1 hour each visit working with you and your dog/s. This package is for “Baby Proofing Your Dog”, “Dog Proofing Your Baby”, dogs with serious behavioral issues like but not limited to severe anxiety, destructive behaviors, separation  anxiety,  or aggression issues towards humans, dogs or other animals, etc. if you are not sure that this is the package for you, give us a call and we will discuss your dogs issues. Package price is $1,250.00 -plus tax.
  • FYI – A note about packages – Packages must be used within 3 months of purchase.
  •  Training Walks– We come to your house (or  your dog comes to us) and we take your dog out for a 1 hr training walk. We address any on leash issues your dog has that may make walks with him/her difficult or frustrating. Dogs who receive this service make amazing progress. Training Walks are great for clients who need that extra bit of conditioning and/or exercise….$150 ea. as a stand alone service, $100 ea. when you buy a Training Walk Package = 4 training walks for $575 -plus tax,  – contact us for availability.
  • Adventure Walks we pick your dog up and hike in local reservations, or parks…(so mo, eagle rock, mills, highpoint state park, stokes state forest)We love these walks as much as your dogs do! – contact us for pricing and availability.
  • sleepydog  llc clients who have had one or more sleepydogtraining sessions can always email or call or text us for questions/concerns and  support.
  • Phone Consultations/facetime/skype for 1 hour at $60 is a convenient option for dog owners who for whatever reason can’t do hands on sessions and need training and/or behavioral advice.
  • Lite Home Style PetSit/Boarding at $80 a day for 1 dog -plus tax * (-for families boarding more than 1 dog at a time, the 2nd dog is $20 a day – plus tax. (for more than 2 dogs call or email for pricing.) we treat your pets as if they were our own, in our Lite home-style Petsit/boarding environment, playtime with or without other pets in the yard, walks, optional pick up/drop off (for an extra fee) of pets and peace of mind are some of the benefits of boarding with us. Please call us for availability as space is limited. We only take 3 to 4 dogs max into our home at a time so that we can give each dog what he/she needs. (*FYI, there is a free valet service for pick up and drop off, for clients who live an hour and a half from us. For clients who are more than an hour and a half away there is an additional travel fee.)
  • Lite  Home Style /PetSit/Boarding/Training at $1,200 per week -plus tax – we recommend a minimum of 4 weeks to a maximum of 8 weeks or more, depending on your dog’s training and behavioral needs. Generally, dogs who come into a board and train type situation with more intense behavioral issues need to be in boarding training longer than their less intense cousins. – When you don’t have the time to do the training work with your dog in your own home, when your dog’s issues are too intense, if you live far from us, etc. boarding/training is an appropriate option. We train, modify behavior, rehabilitate your dog (if necessary), and follow up with one or more sessions in your home teaching you how to manage your dog and his/her new skills. Please call us for availability as space is limited. We only take one or two B and T dogs into our home at a time so that we can address each dogs issues and needs and correct any unwanted behaviors while they are with us. We have had excellent results with our lite board and train dogs.
  • Local Pet Sitting services (local & seasonal)  For various reasons, sometimes the best place for your dogs, and other pets is in their own home. We are happy to come to your home 3-5 times a day to give your dogs everything they need while you are gone.  – starting at $35 a visit. We are happy to care for your exotic pets (like parrots, etc)… and your backyard chickens and honey bees. (I am a bee keeper.) – *contact us for availability, pricing of exotics, bees and chickens.*contact us for availability
  • Reiki Sessions for your dog, Hands on Reiki or Distant Reiki is available at – $80  for Distant – $100 for Hands On –  a session (included in 2+ hour intensives, for boarding, and board and train dogs when needed.)  about Reiki – Reiki heals on all levels–mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.The Reiki practitioner channels the life force energy through the placement of hands on the animal’s body, or sends the animal distant Reiki. Both of these treatment options are equally effective. Treatments can expedite the healing process after a pet has experienced a traumatic injury or undergone surgical procedures. A Reiki treatment session can offer a pet relief from debilitating diseases as well. It can also have a calming effect on a high-strung and hyperactive animal. Reiki for animals can relieve the stresses experienced at home or in the hospital environment. Reiki can also ease emotional issues such as separation anxiety, phobias, or distress stemming from trauma or abuse.
  • Reiki and Animal Communication – We combine  Reiki and Animal Communication to help you and your pets heal, and give you answers to questions you may have about him/her. Call for availability and pricing.
  • Group Classes – please call for availability, price and location!
  • Matchmaking Services – A hands on service to help  you find the perfect pet for you, your current pets, your family, your lifestyle.
  • Training and Behavior Workshops – please call for availability, price and location!
  • Monthly specials, discounts, coupons, please check our facebook fan page for these.
  • A Note about Rescue rates: We believe strongly in supporting rescue in all of it’s forms and have been active in rescue…well, forever. We work with rescues, shelters and sanctuaries to help dogs find foster and forever homes. We work equally hard to keep dogs in those homes.This note is dedicated to helping dogs in need of loving forever homes – no matter what issues they may have. Here at SleepyDogTraining we work towards all dogs finding and living happily ever after with their perfect “forever families.”  That’s why we support 501c3 animal rescues, shelters and sanctuaries by offering special rates and services for them when we can….
  • New Rescue Rates and Unique Services Available to 501c3 Animal Shelters, Rescue Groups and Sanctuaries at rescue rates – $125 per hour
  • Rescue Rates (for rescue groups/rescue organizations/animal shelters)  are available for the following services:
  • #1. Our “working evaluation” and our “1 hour training session” –  for rescue groups/orgs and shelters
  • #2. New Light Home Style Board and Train rates for Rescues and Shelters for almost any issues your dog may have.  pricing depends on the behaviors we are teaching/training, modifying. We recommend a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum, which is dependant on the dog’s issues and progress, for positive results. The more intense your dogs issues are, the longer he/she may need to be in a B&T situation to become an adoptable dog. We will keep in close contact with you and take photos and videos that we may post on our SleepyDogTraining facebook fan page, advertising both your adoptable dog and your rescue group. We have had excellent results with our lite board and train for rescue groups, shelters and sanctuaries. pricing for rescues is…call or text us for pricing.
  • #3. Training rescued dogs at the kennels they are temporarily housed in, and or the foster homes they live in
  • #4. Introducing rescued dogs to their prospective adoptive family, including children, cats, dogs, birds, etc.
  • #5. A training session, that we call a “settle in session” in the new adopters home, with their new dog. This service has saved many adoptions!
  • #6. Hands On Training workshops for the rescued dog, train volunteers to smartly and safely handle dogs.
  • Schools and other organizations – We love coming to you to do presentations for kids of all ages. (= adults too!) We have well trained social dogs and birds…  and… we are beekeepers! We can present unique hands on, fun, workshop type events on a number of different animal related subjects.
  • Career Day at your school will be even better with a visit from SleepyDogTraining!
  • We often have trained dogs available for adoption. want to adopt a dog, contact us and tell us what type of dog you are looking for!
  • All payments received are non refundable.
  • We accept cash, and checks as payment
  • sleepydog llc is a proud full professional member of IACP.
  • sleepydog llc is bonded and insured.
  • sleepydog llc is a YLEO (young living essential oil) distributor…these oils are wonderful for your pets and for you!
  • All Payments received are non refundable.

Help is just a phone call away…Please contact us at 973-743-7522 or 973 704-1722 call text or email * Do you have questions about services or pricing? Do you need something that we don’t offer?  Please email us! or call us! We welcome your questions! We will work with you to help your dog!

* We serve the NJ,NY,Pa area BUT we will travel almost anywhere to train, evaluate, and do any behavioral work necessary for your dogs. If you are more than two hours away, we may charge a travel fee of $25 per hour for our round trip travel time.

* Services and pricing are subject to change.

*All payments received are non refundable.

*A cancellation fee may be charged if you cancel a session. (this fee is the price of the session type you booked.)

*Sliding scale rates may be available for senior pet owners who are on a fixed income, disabled pet owners on a fixed income, veterans who are on a fixed income, and unemployed pet owners on a fixed income. We can’t always do this, but when we can, we do…

sleepydog llc is a proud full professional member of IACP.

sleepydog llc is bonded and insured.

sleepydog llc is a young living essential oil distributor. YLEO  is not only wonderful for your pets, it is also wonderful for you!

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  1. Daelene Vrabel

    I just recently got off the phone with you about my dog Koda. I work at Technical high school and we have career day once a year. Unfortunately I think it’s to soon but we are holding one this Friday, November 21st in the afternoon. Maybe you would like a table? If not this year maybe next year? Let me know if you think maybe you would be interested?!


    • hi daelene, i would have loved to come, but i was booked on that date.if you let me know way ahead of time i’d love to participate in 2015!

  2. Fredrick paschall

    Do yall do personal protection training?

    • no, we do not offer ppt at this time, frederic.

  3. Judith

    Is your training based on positive reinforcement or the use.of electronic collars? Do you come to south Jersey? I have two rescue dogs, a male fox hound mix and female Argentine Dogo. They both know basic commands. I want them to learn manners on greeting visitors, not reacting to other dogs while walking and my Dogo needs to learn how to respect the life if my Bengal feline.

    • hi judith, i have a very expansive “tool box,” meaning i train using the tools your individual dogs need, keeping in mind what you, the owner feels comfortable with as well.

      i have had good results with dogs who have had similar issues that you describe your dogs as having. i’d be happy to work with you and your dogs to resolve these issues.

      and yes, i travel to south jersey to train.

      please check out the contact sleepydog page and call or email me with any/all of your questions and concerns.

      thx for contacting sleepydog llc! i look forward to hearing from you soon.

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